Welcome. South Irish Sea is a proposed renewable energy development off the east coast. The project will supply clean electricity for Irish homes and businesses.


Energia is one of Ireland’s leading energy companies, supplying approximately 25% of Ireland’s total energy

Climate Action

Energia is supporting Ireland’s climate action target to reduce carbon emissions by half by 2030 and becoming a carbon-neutral country by 2050

Offshore Wind

South Irish Sea will make a positive contribution to decarbonising our energy supply and reducing emissions. The project will supply 100% green electricity

Clean Electricity

South Irish Sea will supply clean electricity for over 500,000 homes

Energia is a leading developer and operator of renewable energy across the island of Ireland. We currently supply approximately 20% of the island of Ireland’s total electricity requirements and approximately 25% of wind power on the island. We’re the power behind schools, hospitals, public lighting and every aspect of life that needs energy to make things happen.

As part of our Positive Energy initiative, to date we have invested over €1 billion in the Irish energy market. We employ over 900 talented people and are committed to empowering our team to support community activities and initiatives thereby creating change for social good. Our ambition is to remain a strong force for positive change within the energy industry and society in Ireland.